About Us

I'll  never forget my honeymoon to Costa Rica. It was a great time. We took a catamaran to a nearby island one beautiful morning.  We were all in great spirits, out on the gorgeous ocean - until we encountered a plastic garbage patch.  We sailed nearly the entire way surrounded by plastic caps, milk jugs, plastic bottles, Styrofoam cups, bits of plastic bags, you name it.  The ENTIRE way.  Shocking.


Also, I used to ride bikes with my kids on the trails around Dallas.  Once again, my buoyant mood was interrupted by the sight of plastic bags EVERYWHERE in the creek alongside the trail. You couldn't go 2 feet without seeing that.  I honestly felt like crying.

            This isn't Dallas - but something like this is in every city!


We all know about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and how plastics NEVER BIODEGRADE, kill sea turtles, threaten autotrophs' (algae, plankton, etc) ability to feed themselves, which could impact our entire food supply. 


I always wanted to do SOMETHING to alleviate this.  I've been bringing my bags to the grocery store and Costco forever.


So, a couple of years ago, my favorite jute bag company went out of business.  I bought their remaining inventory at a steep discount and sold it for a school trip fundraiser.  My husband thought I was crazy!  Guess what - I sold them ALL - every last one of them -  and people were asking for more.  SO....I said to myself...I can DO this!!!  Crazy me, off I went. 

Three years of work later, I'm launching my company.  Of course I had to involve my dog - Major, my chocolate lab - so I called the company "Chocolate Bags". " Indulge in the Bag" means the bags are a lot nicer than the bags at the end of the checkout line, but go ahead and indulge yourself in them. :-)  You will find, like everyone else I know, that you will use these bags for EVERYTHING!  They're so sturdy, pretty and useful, that you'll use them all the time - not just for grocery shopping. Check out some testimonials from real customers - I know you'll like them!