Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Why do you have a dog on your logo?

A:  That's my chocolate lab, Major, who's the best angel dog in the universe.  I had to make him part of my company.  If you are a dog lover too, see this page for dog testimonials about the bags.  Send me a picture of your dog with your bag and I'll put on my website.


Q:  Why is it called Chocolate Bags?

A:  Two reasons: 1) Everyone loves to indulge in chocolate, and my bags are something you indulge in (they are nicer than regular shopping bags) --"indulge in the bag", and 2)  after my chocolate labrador.  I know.


Q:  What is your return policy?

A:   If you don't want your bag FOR ANY REASON at all...even if you just change your mind, send it back and I'll refund 100% of your money - including shipping there and back.  I offer a 100% money-back guarantee


Q:   What is Jute? Why Jute?

A:  Jute is otherwise known as's an amazingly useful fiber. Here's why it's a good idea:

  • It's a rain-fed crop with little need for fertilizer or pesticides (low water footprint!)
  • Jute gobbles up CO2 even faster than trees!
  • It's 100% biodegradable
  • It's been called "the most sustainable fiber on the planet"
  • It's very sturdy.  The bags have been tested to hold greater than 40 pounds.


Q:  Why would you pay $15 for a reusable grocery bag when you can get one for $5 at the checkout stand?

A:   Hold up a $5 bag to a Chocolate Bag and you'll see the difference.  These bags STAND UP for you beautifully.  It's easy to load stuff in them (they don't flop over like cheap bags), and unload...seriously, you'll love unloading your groceries in these bags.   Now, which bag would you rather carry to a potluck party or a meeting, or to work?  Your adorable Moroccan tile with cute knotted handles, or your flimsy supermarket bag?  :)  Indulge in the bag! You are going to use your Chocolate Bag way more than your flimsy bag.  Trust me :)


Q:   What's the deal with monogramming?

A:    Select the monogram option at checkout.  It's an extra $12 per bag and can take up to 10 extra days (although we try to cut it to 3-4).   If you want a different font or color, just upload a file for us and we'll see it we can make it happen. 


Q:   What's your shipping policy?

A:   Flat $6 shipping anywhere in the U.S. Expect 3-4 days - we use USPS Priority mail.


Q:   Do you do gift cards?

A:   Yes! There's a gift card option in the store.


Q:  Won't I get E. coli if I pack my meat in the bags?

A:   Here's what I recommend, based on a discussion with Moody labs, a microbiology lab here in Dallas.  E Coli and Salmonella (most bacteria) HATE soap and water.  Just take a wet soapy rag (with hot water) and wipe down the inside of your bag.  If you want, put it out in the sunshine for a bit...bacteria also hate sunshine.  If you're nervous, grab a plastic produce bag or other bag and have the checker pack your meat in that for you.  Or have a "meat bag" just for meat.  To be completely honest, I have used jute bags for 7 years now and nobody in my family has ever gotten food poisoning.  I also must confess that I rarely  wipe my bags down or even use plastic for my meat.  (I hate plastic that much).   I know all about the studies saying reusable bags have E coli, but honestly, you're probably going to be OK, especially if you follow these recommendations.  I'm more concerned about microscopic plastic in our food supply than E. Coli.