We're so excited that everyone loves the bags so much...here are just a few glowing reviews! I'm not exaggerating the exclamation points..actual quotes!

"The people I got them for for X-mas LOVE them.  My mom says she gets lots of compliments" - Laura M (6 times repeat customer)

"Love your bags and had to order some for Mothers Day.  We traveled to Florida for spring break and I used my monogramed gray chevron as a carry-on.  Flight attendants on Southwest Airlines were loving it" - Deena N. (2 times repeat customer)

"I  get so many compliments on mine I ordered myself another" - Kerry P. (3 times repeat customer)

"We just got home and opened them....LOVE them!!!" - Amy J.

"OMG!  They are awesome!!!!!!!!"  - Carolyn C. (4 times repeat customer)

"I LOVE my bag and a lady in my office saw mine and wants one just like it...I ordered another one with lime green script"... - Ann H. (2 times repeat customer)

"Just wanted to let you know the bags came on SATURDAY!  Thank you sooooo much!  They are beautiful and even better quality than I had hoped!  I can’t wait to give them out as Christmas gifts this year.  I know they’ll be well loved and enjoyed." - Michel B.

"I love my bags! They are amazing! I'm so impressed with the quality! Thank you!" - Staci M.

"I keep giving them as gifts and I'm out! So I'm ordering a third time! They have been loved!" - Carolyn C.

"I can honestly say that I took some of these bags and some of the green HEB bags to HEB. The chocolate bags held more weight than the HEB bags and were MUCH more comfortable to carry in your hands.! I would Highly recommended them!" - Robert D.

 "Your bags are so cute and will be a huge hit" - Holly H.

 "They are cuter in person than on the website and they are cute on the website!" - Amanda T.

"These bags are amazing! I had to order more; two was not enough." - Lisa D.

 "LOVE the bags!" - Jolie B

 "Got one of these as a gift today - LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT" - Kelly F.

 "I love my bags!" - Elissia D. 

" I can't tell you how much I love your bags and how excited I am to try my new totes at Target!!!!!"  - Kathy D.

"Delivered to teachers today, they absolutely loved them."  - Cassie C.

"Just picked them up off the porch and LOVE LOVE them.  I bought one for a baby shower but my daughter quickly snagged it!  Guess I'll be ordering another soon :-)  - Jenny. O.

"Lovelovelovelovelovelove!!!"  - Carolyn C.

 "Thanks so much for delivering the bags! I love them....they turned out great and so cute! My girls will love them."  - Jan S.

"I got the bags and they are WONDERFUL!!!  I love them!  Have a wonderful holiday and new year!  I am looking forward to buying some more bags for gifts in the coming year." - Laura M.

"Bag is darling and I'm already using it." - Jennifer B.

"I just got my bags and they are adorable!!!! Thank you so much."  - Kellie R.

"They were a huge hit with my friends!" - Dana T.

"The bags are really cute!" - Bri F.

"LOVE my BAG!!! What great quality!!! Thank you! I cannot wait to use it and tell everyone where I got it!" - Melissa C.

"They are so adorable!" - Teresa T.

"I've already given out two of my bags and they are a huge hit!!" - Kellye M.

"Got the bag today - super cute!! Can't wait to use it." - Dawn G.

"Great bags" - Jill M.

"I am about to put my THIRD order in. I just can't part with any of the ones I bought to gift...so I am buying more" - Kristin H.


Scout is a satisfied customer.  His comment was "LOVE IT!" Opal  loves the Turquoise Chevron!